Chuck Hooper to be Inducted into ABAís BMX Hall of Fame

Every year, for the past 15 years, the AMERICAN BICYCLE ASSOCIATION has inducted three "BMX legends" in to the Official BMX HALL of FAME; two racers and one industry representative--all people who have made serious contributions to the sport of BMX Racing, with major accomplishments and achievements. SBS and REDLINE are proud to congratulate their very own CHUCK HOOPER, on his upcoming nomination as the 2000 Industry Inductee in to the ABA BMX Hall of Fame. Chuck will accept his Hall of Fame award in Tulsa, OK. on Wednesday, November 22nd -- at ABAís special Induction luncheon. Inductees to the BMX Hall of Fame are voted in by the BMX industry, BMX media, past Hall of Famers and ABA track operators. Once inducted, Chuck will join previous Industry inductees such as GTís Rich Long and Gary Turner, Mongoose founder Skip Hess, Bob Haro, Chuck Robinson, JMCís Jim Melton and Redline founder Linn Kastan. "Iím very honored to be selected in to the BMX Hall of Fame," Chuck said humbly. "Thoughtfully, it is everyone at SBS, past and present, who should be inducted for the success of Redline and Torker. Our total involvement in the sport would not be made possible without everyoneísí hard work and dedication." Since 1985, Chuck Hooper has worked for Seattle Bike Supply. Originally hired to manage the warehouse for one weekend while the owners were away, SBS talked him in to a full-time position. Once aboard, he quickly became head of Sales & Marketing, and was made president in 1992. "Hoop," as he is affectionately called, was vital in the SBS purchase of Redline Bicycles, and has been instrumental in bringing back the Torker brand of bikes to the market. Since taking over Redline in 1991, he and his SBSí sales and distribution staff have revived the Redline brand and brought it back to the forefront of the BMX racing scene. Prior to his days at SBS, Chuck owned and operated Fairwood Cycle Center in Renton, WA.--which sponsored one of most successful race teams in the Northwest.