Kent, WA-The 2000 Factory REDLINE Team is now complete; as the final vacancy in the lineup--the "Dirt Jumper" position, has now been filled by Indiana’s ADAM STRIEBY.
Adam, who has previously ridden for Kovachi Wheels and Clayborn, has signed a one-year contract with REDLINE, which ensures his presence at all Dirt Circuit competitions, as well as BS and CFB contests. A 3-year veteran of the X-Games, Adam will compliment Redline's Y2K effort perfectly.
As the middle brother of the World reknown Strieby Bros., Adam has been shredding race tracks, trails and streets since age 11. With an older and younger brother there to push him to go faster, higher or farther, Adam has become one of the hottest rising commodities in the dirt jumping and street riding arena.
When not flinging his cat 25 feet in the air, or building bizarre jumping combos in their backyard trails, Adam Strieby is also famous for flying upwards of 50-plus feet on his bike. His current distance record is 59 feet, but he plans on taking his REDLINE Supa-X to a World Record sometime this summer.
Adam, who is currently hanging out in Southern California, doing shows, has a full pallet of things to do this year; competing in dirt and street comps, as well as doing an occasional BMX race every now and then. When it comes to being a well-rounded BMXer, the middle Strieby Brother can do it all.
Redline’s 2000 Factory Team is: John Purse (AA pro), Bubba Harris (14x), Stu Thomsen (41-45cruiser), Pat Miller (Pro Vert) and Adam Strieby (Dirt & Street).