Starting out in BMX Racing

Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is a sport where persons of all ages ride their bicycles over jumps, around banked turns, and up and down hills. BMX racing is clean, exciting fun that the whole family can get involved in, whether it be as a racer, spectator, pit crew, or track volunteer. BMX has something to offer everyone.
For those of you that don't know how or where to start racing or are just curious we're going to tell you about starting out, about how much it's going to cost you (or your parents), and what your going to need. This article is based on or own experiences and what we've seen. If anyone has a problem with this, we don't really care.
The first and foremost thing you need is to pick the organization you want to race for. There are two to pick from, or can race for both. The first is the ABA (American Bicycle Association), which is mostly West coast, and the NBL (National Bicycle League), which is mostly East coast. If you want to find the closest NBL track to you go here, and for the closest ABA track to you go here. The most important thing you need is a bicycle. Let's face it, you can't show up at your first race with a cheap or pathetic excuse for a bike. You should have a good 20" bike that will last for a while. Everyone else at the track will probably have a GT, Powerlite, Dyno, Robinson, Redline, Schwinn, Mongoose or other popular bike brand. You could get a good bike for $150-$300. For example, Omega(David) has a GT Power Series, which cost him $296 at his local bike shop. The best bikes go up into the $1000's, but you donít' need that to start out. You don't want to ride in on a flea market bike, although if you want to practice on one go ahead.
After you have your bike you have to take some things off to go on the track. You have to take off all the reflectors, chain guard, kickstand, front brake, and pegs. And you need to put on pads. On the crossbar, gooseneck, and top frame tube. If you need any thing like pads and stuff, check out the links page.
Next on the list is your helmet. A full-face will do you good, for many years. If at first you can't get a full-face, an open-face with a mouth guard will be sufficient. If you can't get either your local track should rent some. If it's an open-face, you will need to buy a mouth guard($3-$4).
To race at all you need to wear is a long-sleeve shirt and a pants(jeans preferably). Some other rookies will have some nice helmets, and race uniforms, so if you got some cash lying around you should get some race pants or a jersey, or both if you're going to be committed to the sport, wanna look like a pro, and/or don't want to get hurt.
Now lets talk money! I went to my local track thinking I was going to race and it wasn't going to cost me much, but it cost me a good $50 . I had to pay for a temporary license($15) and some food 'cuz I got hungry. I also had to buy a mouth guard for the helmet I rented. If you go to the track with about $25 you will be able to race. After you have all your accessories(gloves, helmet, clothing)it will be cheaper.
The sole purpose of this article is to inform future BMXers of what to expect and be prepared.